IIUM Press of International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM) is one of the leading university presses in Malaysia. Since its establishment more than three decades ago, IIUM Press has published over 2000 scholarly books and journals in our selected subject areas across the humanities and social sciences, combining cutting-edge scholarship with high editorial and production values to produce academic works of lasting importance.

The IIUM Press is a global ambassador for IIUM, distributing our books and journals worldwide each year. Malaysia, as part of the Malay World has a long tradition of learning and intellectual debate in Islamic Studies.

IIUM Press is part of that tradition. As well as being a leading Malaysia academic publisher, we aim to be the preeminent publisher of renowned books about Islamic Knowledge. Our Islamization of knowledge books cover Islamic Finance, Islamic Banking, Waqf, History, Politics, Literature, Language and Linguistic, Art and Architecture. IIUM Press also publish textbooks, research monograph, reference works and cutting-edge series across our subject areas, and reach an International readership.

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