The 14th MAPIM-KPT Award Ceremony was held at the Za’ba Hall of the Ministry of Higher Education starting at 9.00 am. The ceremony was officiated by YBrs. Prof. Dr. Azlinda binti Azman, Director General of Higher Education. The event was attended by more than 200 distinguished guests, including the Deputy Director General of Higher Education, Chairman of MAPIM, Deputy Vice-Chancellors, Directors/Chief Publishers, award recipients, and representatives of the Publishers.

The award ceremony aims to recognize outstanding achievements in the book industries in Malaysia as well as to appreciate the contribution and efforts of the work in publishing academic and research works. Among the proud moments were the announcement of 70 recipients of the Main Awards and Appreciation Awards in 18 categories, covering the achievements of 2021 and 2022. IIUM Press has won 7 awards including 5 book publications and 2 journal.

This award is not just a reward, but also a mark of respect for excellence in contribution to the publishing world. The success of this event not only reflects excellence in scientific publications, but also highlights the spirit of togetherness and commitment to advancing this field.

Thank you to the Ministry of Higher Education and the Malaysian Scientific Publication Council (MAPIM) for supporting this initiative. The 14th MAPIM-KPT Award Ceremony was a glorious event featuring the academic community’s commitment to the achievement of excellence in the field of scholarly publications.


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