Vision and Mission


To have a readily available reservoir of trained legal personnel able and willing to provide sound, effective, practical and pragmatic (not merely academic) solutions to legal issues arising in the multi faceted affairs of the University both at national and international planes.

With a substratum of the concept of comprehensive excellence tempered with the essential core of Islamic values.


To realize the vision, the Office undertakes:

  • To acquire expertise in legal matters pertaining to the university including contracts, tort, administrative law, intellectual property, employment law, construction law, medical law and corporate law, with the view of being able to render effective service to the university.
  • To portray the University as a proactive and excellent centre of learning and research equal to if not better than any of the world’s best universities.
  • To regularly conduct legal awareness programmes for the benefit of the university community.
  • To be a referral centre to provide legal advise to the University.
  • To inculcate a congenial environment amongst the University community.