About MCOM

All memoranda shall be deliberated in the MOU/MOA Technical Committee for their recommendation to the UMC on the approval of all memoranda entered by the University.

Types of memoranda involved are as follows:

  • Memorandum of Understanding;
  • Memorandum of Agreement;
  • Research Collaboration Agreement;
  • Contract Research Agreement;
  • Licensing & Commercialisation Agreement;
  • Intellectual Property Arrangement Agreement;
  • Outright Sales Agreement;
  • Student Exchange Agreement;
  • Internship Agreement;
  • Translation & Publication Agreement;
  • Translation Agreement;
  • Publication Agreement; and

Notwithstanding the above, the MOU/MOA Technical Committee does not deliberate the following memoranda:

  • Service Level Agreement;
  • Non-Disclosure Agreement,
  • Letter of Intent;
  • Leasing Agreement;
  • Any agreement involving procurement process; and
  • Any agreement involving IIUM lands.

The MOU/MOA Technical Committee and Secretariat are to be selected and appointed by the UMC. The current Term of Reference is as per Appendix A.

The MOU/MOA Technical Committee is to recommend to the UMC on the approval of any agreements intended to be entered by the University.

Responsibilities of the MOU/MOA Technical Committee are as follows:

  • to receive complete documents and draft memorandum from Office of the International Affairs, Office of Industrial Links, Research Management Centre, Office of Deputy Rector (Student Development & Community Engagement) or any office that may be assigned from time to time;
  • to evaluate and assess the viability/feasibility etc. of the intended project;
  • to conduct due diligence practices and transparency, including checking on the nature of the agreements, assessing the business viability, research sustainability and associate risk management on every collaboration and/or project entered by the respective KCDIO, to seek advice from experts including Finance Division, Development Division, Information Technology Division and others to ensure the University’s interest is safeguarded and protected at all times before any decision can be made;
  • to recommend all agreements entered by the University at the UMC meeting for an approval; and
  • to notify the BOG on the decision made.