• Responsible for vetting and drafting Memorandum of Agreement, Memorandum of Understanding and contracts including but not limited to Licensing & Commercialisation Agreement, Contract Research Agreement, IP Arrangement Agreement, Outright Sales Agreement, Student Exchange Agreement, Translation & Publication Agreement, Letter of Intent, Non-Disclosure Agreement for Kulliyyahs, Centres, Divisions, Institutes, Offices and Mahallat.
  • This Unit is also responsible to act as a Secretariat for Memorandum Assessment and Evaluation Committee (MCOM). MCOM is the technical committee established by the University Management Committee (UMC) to recommend to the UMC on the approval of any agreements intended to be entered by the University. The Secretariat in charge for the arrangement of meeting, to draft and prepare minutes MCOM meeting and drafting and preparing UMC paper for approval.
  • Providing legal advice and seek legal opinion from the Solicitors, if necessary.