Governance and Advisory

  • Provide legal advice on all areas of law in respect of the University‚Äôs institutional legal governance in accordance to its constitution, policies, rules and regulations.
  • Provides legal advice to the University in respect of the powers and duties of the University Authorities including but not limited to the Board of Governors, Senate or matters referred to it by the University Authority.
  • Provide advice on matters which the University intends to regulate as to reflect the policy or decisions made by the University.
  • Draft legal opinion/advice in respect of legal issues/matters to which the University is a party to ensure that the interest of the University is protected.
  • Attend meetings upon the invitation of University Authorities, and to provide legal advice on matters discussed to ensure that any decision made by the University is in accordance with the constitution, policies, rules and regulations.
  • Assist in the interpretations of laws including contractual/legal documents as and when required by the University.
  • Participate in a contract negotiation or legal matters including arbitration and pre-litigation which directly or indirectly affect the interest of the University.