The Industry Mentor@Kulliyyah is an initiative inspired by the CEO@Faculty Programme (CFP) that has been introduced by the Ministry of Education Malaysia since 2015, with the main objective to accelerate industry-academia partnership towards mutually benefitting relationship, growth and well-being. The CEO@Faculty Programme 1.0: Learn from the Pros is a programme where CEOs or top management from corporate sectors, GLCs, MNCs, and government agencies are appointed to be attached with the Universities. Meanwhile, the Industry Mentor@Kulliyyah appoints the top management from various industries to become mentors to the specific departments or kulliyyahs.


The number of CEO or equivalent level standing position from the relevant industry who are appointed as Industry Mentor @ Kulliyyah. The appointee may come from corporate sector, GLC, public sector and NGO.


Step 1


Presentation to KCM to appoint Industry Mentor @ Kulliyyah

Step 2


Upon approval of KCM propose to UMC

Step 3


If approved, letter of the appointment will be signed by the Rector

Step 4


Report of Industry Mentor @ Kulliyyah activities

Step 5


Annual evaluation of the Industry Mentor @ Kulliyyah


List of activities that Industry Mentor@Kulliyyah can take part.

Revise and review academic programme offered

Conduct workshops, case studies and public lectures

Industrial attachment for IIUM Staff

Link the Kulliyyah and the University with relevant industry and community

Advise and consult the Kulliyyah and University on matters pertaining to research and consultancy opportunities

Internship placement for IIUM students