Cancellation of Visa


Cancellation/shortening of passes is for the applicants that are going to apply for other passes not associated with IIUM. Such passes are MM2H, Student Pass to different Institution, dependent on LTSVP, etc.) or leaving Malaysia permanently.


However, cancellation within the Institution is also required. Such processes involved variation, progression and dependent changing to students or vice versa.

Step to Apply Cancellation (Student / Dependent)

  1. Prepare the required document for cancellation. Required document student can see below :-

       2. Apply the application and attach the document online. Student can apply by scanning the QR code or scan here

       3. Officer will review the document and sent an appointment date to submit the passport at Visa Unit front desk.

       4. The Process will take minimum 1 – 2 weeks to complete. Visa unit will email the student once the process complete.