Special Pass Application


A Special Pass is a temporary pass which is issued by the Immigration Department to allow foreign nationals to extend their stay in Malaysia due to a ‘special’ circumstances. The duration given is usually 30 days (at the Immigration discretion) and applicants are required to apply 10 days before expiration. If the pass is expired, applicants will be referred to the Enforcement Division, Immigration Malaysia

Step to Apply Special Pass (Student / Dependent)

  1. Prepare the required document for cancellation. Required document student can see below :-
  2. Apply the application and attach the document online. Student can apply by scanning the QR code or scan here

  3. Officer will review the document and sent an appointment date to submit the passport at Visa Unit front desk

  4. The Process will take minimum 1 – 2 weeks to complete. Visa unit will email the student once the process complete.

Document Requirement