International Student Activities

Meet and Greet Session with Exchange Students Semester 1,2023/2024

This meet and greet session has been successfully conducted for all exchange students for this semester. For credited program, IIUM is receiving about 32 students from Indonesia, Morocco, Japan and Brunei.

Welcome to IIUM everyone!

Welcoming Programme for New International Students (27-28 September 2023)

Metamorphosis Buddies Jamboree 2023

4 students from IIUM took part in the 2023 Metamorphosis Buddies Jamboree, hosted by Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) for a span of 4 days and 3 nights from 13th September until 16th September 2023. This year, the program drew close to 80 student buddies from various public and private universities in Malaysia. Everyone there shared their know-how and life lessons, aiming to help each other get better at connecting local and international students. A variety of engaging activities focused on different topics like leadership, sustainable goals, and communication skills were carried out.

International Student Activities