IIUM Whistleblower Protection Policy (IWPP)

The IIUM Whistleblower Protection Policy (IWPP) are the procedures of voluntary act applicable to staff, students and members of the public to disclose/report any improper conduct which may constitute a disciplinary offence or a criminal offence committed or about to be committed by a staff and/or any person associated with the University. Whistleblowing is a disclosure/report by a person regarding any mismanagement, corruption, illegality, or any other wrongdoing carried out by any staff of the University.

IWPP is established to assist staff, students or members of the public to disclose any improper conduct and to ensure that such disclosures and/or reports are investigated and necessary action are taken through the Secretariat. Such improper conduct also includes but is not limited to the following:

   a. outside employment without authorization

   b. failure to disclose interest

   c. abuse of power

   d. financial losses to the University

   e. fraud

   f. gaming, wagering etc

   g. bribery and corruption

   h. publication of confidential / classified document

   i. theft

   j. sexual harassment

   k. non-compliance with procedures



Anonymous disclosures will not be protected. To ensure the necessary protection, staff, students or members of the public who wish to report improper conduct are required to disclose their identities.



  • Disclosures shall be made in person to the Ombudsman.

  • All disclosures are to be reported in accordance with the procedures provided under the IWPP. All disclosures are encouraged to be reported via the provided format in ensuring all relevant information is enclosed.

  • Any other channel of reporting will not be entertained.

Upon receipt of the disclosure/report from the Whistleblower, the Ombudsman shall forward it to the Investigating Committee.



The identity of the Whistleblower shall be in the knowledge of the Ombudsman only and shall always be protected in any situation.



The reported disclosure must contain the following:

i. details of the alleged person;

ii. details of the alleged improper conduct;

iii. supporting evidence (if any);

iv. any other information (if relevant).


Disclosure of information can be delivered to:


Office of the Ombudsman

Level 3, Muhammad Abdul Rauf building

International Islamic University Malaysia

P.O. Box 10, 50728 Kuala Lumpur.


Email: whistleblowing@iium.edu.my



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IIUM Whistleblower Protection Policy (IWPP)