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The IIUM Visual Identity System (IIUM VIS or VIS) is a reference document of IIUM Official Graphics such as logos, fonts, and colours. It also dictates how the elements should be used in digital or printed form.

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Download the whole file in pdf format here…. 

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Calling Card

IIUM Official Calling Card (Name Card) To customise the content of the calling card, download the following file and use Adobe Illustrator to edit. Powered By EmbedPress

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Letterhead Template

These templates can be used to generate official letter either as hard copy or digital format. Download the templates and replace the office’s name and contact information accordingly. Last edited date is 10 August 2023. Black and white template for Official IIUM Letterhead Download Colour template for Official IIUM Letterhead Download

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  1. Image specification for IIUM masthead:
    • Dimension -  850 x 540 pixel
    • 72 dpi
  2. Image specification for eBoard
    • Dimension - 1140 x 860 pixcel
    • 72 dpi
  3. Image specification for social media (Facebook, Instagram)
    • Dimension - 999 x 999 pixel
    • 72 dpi
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National Anthem "Negaraku"

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IIUM Anthem “Leading The Way”

Official IIUM Anthem "Leading The Way"


IIUM full logo is a combination of the IIUM Logo with the name of the university in 3 languages ( Arabic, English and Bahasa Malaysia) and the phrase “Garden of Knowledge and Virtue”. The Arabic is written in Arabic calligraphy script and the Bahasa Malaysia in Jawi script.

This is the full logo with all the taglines, awards and 40th Anniversary emblem.

Black only logo

White only logo

'Leading the Way', 'Leading the World' and KHAIR Tagline

Full colour version

White only version

40th Anniversary Emblem

With the increased usage of online meetings, webinars, and video conferences, IIUM has created the following Backdrops that be used with Zoom, Meet, and other similar applications. Right-click on the image and choose “Save Image As…” to download.

Background 1
Background 2

The President

The Rector