For those wanting to use IIUM Cultural Centre, Royal Holding Room, Banquet, IIUM Guest House and Galley’s VIP Lounge you can contact us for booking.

To request our service:- 

  1.  Download the following form/s. Fill in the application details and recommendation sections.
  2. Send the duly completed forms to OCAP Main Office at Level 2, MAR Building.
  3. Incomplete or late submission may be ground for rejection.
  4. OCAP reserved the right to reject or approve any application; with or without providing any reason.
  5. OCAP shall not be liable for any error, damage or loss due to any reason, whether incidental, accidental or deliberate on the use of, or lack thereof, OCAP services. 



Booking of Royal Holding Room and Banquet at IIUM Cultural Centre (ICC).


Booking Gallery VIP Lounge/Meeting room


Booking of IIUM Guest House

ICC Venue Booking-External

ICC Venue Booking Form for non-IIUM Community

ICC Venue Booking-Internal

ICC Venue Booking Form for IIUM Community