For students with disabilities

  1. The purchase of assistive devices & equipment
  2. Financial assistance for maintenance of assistive devices:  maximum of RM1000.00 per year
  3. Making arrangements for accessible rooms at Mahallah (PG rooms for UG students with mobility problems at UG rates)
  4. Making arrangements to provide special facilities tailored to the needs of the students with disabilities
  5. Conducting programs for self-development of students with disabilities – includes community engagements together with IIUM Special Parents
  6. Making  arrangements for special accommodation in teaching & learning and during examinations (e.g. extra time, if needed (require support letter from medical doctor), or use of special equipment /devices)
  7. Providing support letter for applications for study leave, financial or any other assistance (related to the student’s disability) from the University
  8. Arrangements for priority registration & for accessible classrooms
  9. Entertain any other requests for assistance related to disability

For students and staff with disabilities

  1. Arrangements for accessible transport facilities for wheelchair-users and those with mobility impairments
  2. Arrangements for the provision of special room/equipment/services at the Kulliyyah/Mahallah/Office to cater for the specific needs/requirements
  3. Arrangements for upgrade of facilities to meet the needs of the student/staff with disabilities
  4. Provide reasonable accommodation to any other requests for assistance related to disability

Other benefits for students with disabilities

Malaysian students who are registered with Department of Social Welfare are eligible for Bantuan Kewangan OKU (BKOKU)